For everyone's sake own your wake

Top Tips to Minimize Shoreline Erosion and be a Courteous Gilbert Lake Boater

  • Adhere to Slow No Wake Hours of 5 PM to 10 AM.
  • Boat Smart – Be aware of the size of your wake.
  • Stay Slow No Wake when 100 feet from shore, rafts, and other boats  –   200 feet is better!
  • PWCs must stay 200 feet from shore and 100 feet from docks/rafts and other boats.
  • Be courteous around sensitive areas such as points and flooded boathouses.
  • Many passengers and a slow-medium speed in a power boat makes big wakes.
  • Avoid filling the ballast on your wake boat.
  • Heavy traffic makes for many wakes and a bumpy ride. Wait for a slowdown before heading out.
  • Don’t follow or pass too closely. Give people space.
  • Don’t overload boat beyond stated capacity (# of people in boat and being towed behind boat).

Click here for a printable flyer version of the Top Tips.