Habitat and Fisheries

The Gilbert Lake Management Plan seeks to improve the fishery of the lake through sustainable management practices, primarily habitat improvement. Information and links to resources are provided below:

  • Gilbert Lake Fisheries Survey – Summary Report 2015
  • Habitat tip – the DNR recommends attaching Christmas trees or brush bundles to the underside of your dock or pier. Small fish will be attracted to the trees or brush, and larger fish will be attracted to the smaller fish. Be sure that you tie them securely, or they will float away.
  • A Second Life for Trees in the Lake: As Useful in Water as They Were on Land, a publication by Michael Bozek
  • 2021-2022 Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations can be accessed here
  • 2021-2022 WisconsinTrout Fishing Regulations can be accessed here
The DNR has identified the lack of near-shore habitat for fish as the #1 issue impacting the health of Wisconsin lakes. Leaving trees which fall into the water like this one will provide spawning habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.