In 2021, the GLAAI Board hired Onterra LLC Lake Management Planning to assist us in developing an Aquatic Invasive Species Control grant proposal for submission to the DNR.

We’re pleased that we were awarded the grant in the amount of $49,401, covering 75% of the cost of 10 days of diver assisted suction harvesting (DASH) work in 2022 and in 2023, and related permit fees, EWM mapping surveys in 2022 and 2023, a whole-lake point intercept survey in 2023 to categorize all aquatic plants in the lake, and related costs. We are responsible for the remaining 25% of the costs, or approximately $16,500 over this two-year period.

The DASH work in 2022 will take place in June and July, and the plan is for the June work to start on Monday, June 20. Later in July, the DASH crew will return to the lake, inspect the areas that were covered in June, and do work in additional areas.

As part of the grant, Onterra developed an Aquatic Invasive Species Strategy Development Report which provides helpful background information and a discussion of the plans for the upcoming year. You can read the full PDF of this report here.